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  • If I don't meet the small business requirements, can I use the Invisible service?
    Yes. As long as you are a Limited Company and do not exceed 250 employees you can access the 'Assistant '.
  • By choosing my plan, do I already start working with you?"
    No. Invisible works mainly with companies that she selects herself. All companies are given the opportunity to send a request to access this service. It is Invisible who assesses each request and who approves it. Once approved, the company goes on a waiting list that usually lasts a few weeks.
  • What does my company need to be approved in the selection test?
    Here you have the sections that Invisible values between 0 and 100 points to approve each request: Value, mission, ethics and its business model (invisible does not accept bookmakers or companies that test on animals). [20 marks] Business potential and probability of increasing sales using our service. [40 points] The history of your company (referred to in your proposal). [5 marks] Invoicing and number of workers. (The lower your turnover and fewer employees, the higher your score) [20 points] Originality and exclusivity of the product/service you sell. [15 marks]
  • Why is the service so cheap?
    One of the differences of Invisible with the rest of its competition is that it does not use offices, it does not have fixed expenses, nor does it generate profits for the company itself. The money from the companies' fees goes directly to the salary of each worker, making the service the cheapest on the market.
  • Is the service you offer quality?
    To date, 100% of our customers have renewed their plans with us. Currently, we are integrating new promises into our team to give opportunity to talented young people who do not give them an opportunity due to lack of experience, but all of them learn and are supported by managers with a minimum of 5 years of experience in the sector . Within our team we have national and international award-winning designers.
  • Do you have invisible cons?
    Sure, like with any company. We, at least, tell you about it in a transparent way so that you choose us because you want and trust our project. First thing. We are a network of online professionals, therefore, even if you have the same designer and head marketing technician, our presence is almost always online. That does not mean that there is no 24/7 contact with your advisor through many communication channels, in addition to being able to request a face-to-face meeting with him when you need it. The second con is born from our price system, since each digital nomad must take care of several companies in order to maintain those quotas. We cannot promise you the same time as a full-time contracted technician, but we are a team willing to help you with everything you need with reliable results and the guarantee that you will have everything you need.
  • I am an NGO, is my selection process the same as the rest?
    No, if you belong to a non-profit organization, your selection is approved directly and you would go on the waiting list immediately. You can sign your proposal here.
  • How long is the waiting list?
    Depending on the availability of our digital nomads, it can be immediate access or take up to 2 months. The more companies there are on waiting lists, the faster the process tends to be.
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